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The Seduction of Adam and Eve

2003. Watercolor, ink, color pencil. 6" x 8"

A new twist on a familiar story. The Devil, on the right, offers Adam and Eve glasses of “forbidden fruit.” Surrounding the couple are the Devil's minions. The figure on the far left quotes several sources: the face is based on John Singer Sargent's “Madam X,” while the hat and snake jewelry are inspired by Minoan snake goddess statues from ancient Crete. Her outfit was actually based on a dress owned by an art school friend of mine (except that her dress was black, not red). The woman behind Eve is a nod to Gustav Klimt, a favorite artist of mine.

I actually began this piece in 1995, but unhappy with the way it was progressing, I set it aside unfinished. In 2003 I unearthed the piece and decided to bring it to completion. Still not quite satisfied however, I went back and tweaked it again a few years later.

I have also painted a more conventional Adam & Eve.

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