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Photography (DSLR, Mobile, and Film)

I began taking photography seriously in high school (1982) when I took my first class. We shot everything in black & white and processed the film ourselves in a darkroom (as was the tradition in pre-digital times). I continued to shoot primarily in black and white well into college. But in 1987 I felt it was time to switch to color. I had used color sporadically from 1982–1987 and in doing so realized that one did not need black and white to make cool "artistic" images. In fact, using color film allowed me to explore color as subject in and of itself.

In the fall of 2005 I took the next big plunge—digital. I love it! It's so freeing not having to use film anymore. Still, I sometimes miss the simplicity (& durability) of my film cameras (which now sit on a shelf collecting dust). I've also become enamored with mobile photography—especially Instagram. I've included some of my mobile photos here; to see more visit my Instagram page (see the social media links below).

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