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Digital Art and Multimedia Pieces

  • Halloween Party Invite
  • Logos & Graphics
  • Fantasy football hemet
  • One Saturday Afternoon
  • Loonaville
  • Virtual Lab Interface
  • Urban Ventures maps
  • Us4
  • Memories of London
  • Happy Robot animation
  • The Happy Robot
  • Lock Operation
  • Fair trade coffee poster
  • Inland Lakes Map
  • Freighter plans
  • Baseball Cards
  • Edward L. Ryerson
  • Apollo 2001
  • Belle Epoque

When I was in art school in the late 80s, the computer was still a novelty, used mostly for word processing and spreadsheets. But by the late-90s it had taken-over design. The introduction of the computer has had almost as great an impact as the invention of the printing press did in 1450. It seemed logical to me therefore that I should begin to explore the artistic possibilities of the digital realm. Although I knew many traditionally trained artists who hated the idea of using computers, I never had such a phobia. In fact, I had been experimenting with computers since the late 70s, when I first learned how to write programs in Basic.

These pieces were created using one or more computer-based design applications, primarily Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects. A few also utilize hand-drawn elements or photos that have been scanned and integrated into the piece.

All images and work shown on this site copyright © 1985–2018 Daniel C. Fergus unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved. No reproduction without permission.