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Multimedia, Interactivity & Web Design

  • Hill Topper animation 1
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  • Ellie's Tadpoles
  • One Saturday Afternoon
  • Loonaville
  • Prairie Dogs
  • Fishes Alive!
  • Malt Clock
  • Happy Robot animation
  • Progress
  • Lock Operation
  • Apollo 2001
  • The Room
  • Whitefish Graphics Logo

This section contains examples of my multimedia work—animations, interactive applications, videos, and other works that utilize time, movement, sound, and/or user interaction. I have always been intrigued by film & video, sound recording, and animation. Multimedia allows me to draw upon all of these interests and to combine them into something new. I began to delve into multimedia in the 90s and have become so enamored with the field that I went back to school and got an MFA in interactive design.

All images and work shown on this site copyright © 1985–2018 Daniel C. Fergus unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved. No reproduction without permission.