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Whitefish Graphics test logo

2001. Infini-D, Adobe Premiere.
Total run time: :23

In 1989 I created the moniker Whitefish Graphics, which I intended to use for my design company. For more than a decade I used the name; in fact my first domain was But sometime in the mid-2000s I decided to go with Dan Fergus Design—a little less confusing, and I did’t have to keep explaining to people what Whitefish Graphics was. Before I made the switch I created this animated logo to use in my video and multimedia work. I never actually used it however, but it’s a nice example of my early 3-D work. The music is lifted from the song “Roo” by the now defunct Minneapolis-based shoegaze band Sliver (not to be confused with the like-named hard core band from Belgium).

  • Hill Topper animation 1
  • Website thumbnail
  • Ellie's Tadpoles
  • One Saturday Afternoon
  • Loonaville
  • Prairie Dogs
  • Fishes Alive!
  • Malt Clock
  • Happy Robot animation
  • Progress
  • Lock Operation
  • Apollo 2001
  • The Room
  • Whitefish Graphics Logo

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