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Hanging Stockings

1999. Pen & ink. 5" x 7"

Eliana, my younger daughter started walking at nine months, and began climbing on everything she could shortly thereafter. Watching her run all over the house wreaking havoc gave me the inspiration for this piece, the art for our 1999 Christmas card. Alas, we do not actually have a fireplace in our house. We do have a fire pit for our backyard patio, but you can’t exactly hang stockings by it. It’s also tricky to use in the middle of a Minnesota winter.

  • Skating
  • Skating
  • Skating
  • Snowball
  • Making Cookies
  • Running Behind
  • Snowhorse
  • O Tannenbaum
  • Sant’a Treat
  • Early Risers
  • Reading the Christmas Story
  • Hanging the Stockings
  • Cookies for Santa
  • Stringing the Lights
  • The Creche
  • Pleasant Surprises
  • Hey, Jesus Is a Lightbulb!
  • Ho ho... uh oh
  • Parish Magazine illustrations
  • Parish Magazine illustrations

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